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Tues, April 4th – Ingrid Andress, Curt Chambers, Christie Huff and Katie Dix

March 27, 2017 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Join Boots On Stage as we present a showcase at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood, CA on Tuesday, April 4th at 7pm with performances by California-based country music artists: Ingrid AndressCurt ChambersKatie Dix and Christie Huff.  In addition to the performances, we’ll have our residency DJ, Sean Cvtter, spinning today’s country hits and your favorite old school hip-hop.

Tickets are available in advance for $12.50 here an also at the door (subject to availability) for $15. 21+ show.

Looking forward to seeing you for some California Country and as always, thank you for your continued support for Boots On Stage!


Gifted with a head-turning voice, effortless beauty and adrive for unflinching authenticity, Ingrid Andress is a country singer-songwriter who splits time between Nashvilleand Los Angeles. With the release of her debut single, “The Stranger,” theColorado native follows in the footsteps of country’s boldest truth tellers.

Raised on the road, Andress and her family moved frequentlyfrom town to town as they followed her father’s career as a strength andconditioning coach in Major League Baseball, which gave her plenty of time toplay piano and write about the ever-changing view out her window. She grew upon a wide range of music, captivated by vocalists from Whitney Houston to SarahMcLachlan and Robert Plant. But it was the country sensibilities of JoniMitchell, Faith Hill, the Dixie Chicks, and even John Denver that stole herheart, and fired her imagination.  As aresult, her country songs are unguarded, raw and inclusive, focused on agutsy-but-vulnerable voice and the feelings pulled deep from within herwanderer’s soul.

“I feel like I don’t really have a hometown,” she explains.“I got all my experiences from different cities, which helps me understand howa lot of different areas of America think. It’s really inspiring to me becausethere are so many stories to be told, and I think that’s why I gravitate towardcountry – because that’s where you can tell the best stories.”

Mentored by her teacher – superstar songwriter and former AmericanIdol judge Kara DioGuardi – Andress’ songwriting blossomed through her timeat Berklee College of Music. Moving easily between genres, she’s scored pop hits like Vice’s“Steady 1234” and placed the anthemic EDM single “LMK” with her Virgos sideproject on Season 6 of MTV’s Teen Wolf, in addition to co-writing withR&B star Akon and earning single cuts with electropop icon Charli XCX. Whileshe may love the process of writing a good pop song, however, the in-depthstorytelling and gritty realism of country is at the core of her artistry.

Since joining Nashville’s tight-knit musical community theyoung artist has hit her creative stride, winning the global grand prize in theUnsigned Only Music contest for “Footprints” – a breathtaking tribute to hersiblings – and honing a striking, heart-on-her sleeve take on country.

“I would love for country to go back to being more about theperson who’s singing and their story, and have it be honest about what’shappening in their life,” she says, referring back to the heroes of her youth.

With the aching romance of her first single, “The Stranger,”Andress has planted a flag for a deeply personal kind of artistry. Notailgates, cutoff jeans or bonfires, just a couple trying desperately torekindle the flames of passion. Co-written with Ryan Lafferty and built on astripped-down combination of Andress’ tender voice and piano, the song is atimeless heartbreak ballad, full of the lonely emptiness that comes only fromfeeling disconnected to a partner, even when they’re nearby.

A self-proclaimed hopeless romantic, Andress describes thetune as heavy, but hopeful. “It’s kind of a darker song,” she admits. “But Ididn’t want it to be too sad because love is still an amazing thing, it’s justhard sometimes.”

The powerful track is available now via iTunes, and Andresshas partnered with CMT’s Artist Discovery initiative to premiere its hauntingblack-and-white video, directed by Lauren Jenkins.

It’s just the first taste of Andress’ bold vision forcountry’s future, which as it turns out, is also a throwback to the past – onewhere real-life stories and voices trump buzzwords and image.

“It’s really exciting for me to see that people are readyfor a new sound,” she says. “It’s a good sign for me to be like, ‘Maybe peopledo still like story songs and emotional weight.’”


Curt Chambers is an American singer, song writer, producer and recording artist who has gained notoriety for his unique fusions of rock, soul, country and hip hop. Often described as refreshing and innovative, the Philadelphia native’s gifts as a musician were cultivated at home and in church where he was raised to appreciate multiple musical genres and was influenced heavily by gospel, soul, blues and country. He was taught to play several instruments including, piano, drums and guitar. It is on the guitar, however, where the essence of Curt Chambers comes to life, captivating all who are fortunate enough to witness.

Curt’s immense talent partnered with his wildly diverse blues, country and hip hop power packed performances humbly provided him the opportunity to share stages with a wide array of musical legends such as BB King, and Jerry Douglas as well as rock and hip hop icons Travis Barker, P. Diddy, Eminem, the legendary LL Cool J and many more.

As a graduate of William Patterson University where he majored in Jazz and Performance Studies, Curt further extended his musical palette making him adept and respected in musical composition and direction. He is a recipient of multiple notable accolades including 2 Grammy nominations and an ASCAP award for his contribution as songwriter for the hit “Finding My Way Back” performed by R&B recording artist Jaheim. Since then, Curt’s talent for writing partnered with his genius as a multi- instrumentalist continue to elevate him creatively and professionally having written and co-written for the likes of Eminem, Lenny Kravitz, Miguel, and Jamie Foxx and recently with hip hop pioneer Dr. Dre in which Curt received another Grammy nomination for his work on the critically acclaimed album “Compton.”

With a sound that is unique, multi dimensional and holds no boundaries, Curt Chambers nurtures his love for musical pluralism as he collaborates with the industry’s best pop and country artists building a legacy that continues to cross genres and creates cutting edge musical masterpieces.


Katie Nicole Dix was born in Bakersfield, California.  Her desire for being on stage began when she very young and is best known in her hometown playing the title roles and lead vocals in numerous musical theater productions, contests, and exhibitions.

Katie was introduced to country music by legendary singer Buck Owens. When he learned of her talent, he showcased her regularly at his world-renowned Crystal Palace stage. This unique opportunity paved the way for her to be seen and heard on a larger scale. She was a vibrant, wide-eyed, impressive talent that Buck clearly observed had the “it” factor. One evening Buck prophetically announced to his audience, “This is Katie Dix and you’re ‘gonna hear a lot more of her. Buck’s mentoring, influence, and encouragement inspired Katie to strive for a full-time career in entertainment. Katie is driven to succeed and she likes to think he is watching proudly from above.

After Buck’s passing, Katie moved to Las Vegas where she established herself as a singer with a captivating stage presence.  Her very playful personality, wit, and charm undoubtedly helped her capture the attention of employers, casting agents, and producers alike.  She was quickly chosen to front a country band known as The Moronix.  Soon after, she was recruited by ENVY, a premier top 40’s dance band in Vegas, which has played several casinos on and off the Las Vegas Strip and corporate functions.  In addition to singing with her band, American Superstars at the Stratosphere sought after Katie to join the cast as a tribute artist.  It was there that she could exhibit her strong singing, dancing, and acting abilities in the style of Carrie Underwood.  When American Superstars show retired, Katie began singing at the prestigious Mastros Steakhouse and Ocean club Las Vegas.  Moving to Los Angeles, Katie was instrumental in helping showcase Vegas talent to Mastros restaurants in California.  In addition to singing at Mastros, Katie has also revived her country music career by forming her own dynamic self-titled band. Katie has gained exposure and momentum, so she will be making regular visits to Nashville collaborating with industry songwriters to create a Cali-Nash vibe to her music. Big opportunities are in the works, so be sure to check her website for updates and come out to support her band.

Her singles, “Don’t Count the Stars” and “The Break In” are available for purchase on iTunes, CD Baby, and Amazon.


Growing up, country-pop artist Christie Huff found purpose and hard fought confidence singing her heart out along to karaoke tracks down in her parent’s basement. She’s emerged a young artist with sass and a gift for sharp-witted pop. Christie’s latest, Roll The Dice, is a feisty collection of infectious modern country.

“When I was in school, I struggled with dyslexia, and it definitely had an effect on my self-esteem. But I am a hard worker and come from a family that is successful, so that didn’t stop me from getting A’s in school,” confides Christie. “What brought me confidence was my singing and performing on stage. Later, when school became harder, I would escape into my music. Some days I would come home and write three songs in one day.”

Christie has released a previous album and performed nationally. She has garnered acclaim for her poignant song and video for “Soldier Song.” The song was the first song she ever wrote, and it was inspired by seeing pictures of her friend saying goodbye to her husband as he left for deployment in Afghanistan. The emotionally charged video was an Official Selection of the 2014 GI Film Festival in Washington DC over Memorial Day Weekend, and a selection in the 2015 Filmed In Utah Awards.

Live performance highlights include appearances at venerated venues such as the Marquee Theater in Tempe, Arizona, the House of Blues in Hollywood, and the Hard Rock Café in San Diego. She’s also been a special guest performer at the Global Volunteers 30th Anniversary Gala, the Jim Brown Legends of Football Superbowl Gala, and the Cox Communications Media Sportsravaganza. For both her albums, Christie has worked with legendary producer Jeff Dayton, best known for his 15-year tenure with Glen Campbell, and for working with Kenny Chesney, George Strait, and a stable of other contemporary and classic country music icons. Flip Magazine praises Christie thusly: “Barely out of her teens, Huff’s voice is well beyond her years. There is a maturity, depth, and richness to her voice that drives each note.  With equal doses of blues and folk, she finds a perfect spot in the genre of country music, but in truth her style and sound manages to lend itself to a much wider audience. “

Christie currently resides in Los Angeles, but she grew up in Mesa, Arizona with three sisters. As a child, she grappled with being an overachiever with dyslexia, and channeled her energies into student council and varsity tennis. Her family, thankfully, was patient and supportive as she found her way, but her school wasn’t as sympathetic and informed about her dyslexia. Christie sought solace in songwriting and singing. As her gifts came to the surface, her ambition and self-confidence also came to the forefront. Since then, she’s recorded two country albums in Music City, and has made the courageous decision to leave home and move to Los Angeles.

Her migration to Los Angeles has been a significant entry in her artistic continuum. “When I moved to LA, I came with a dream and two CD’s recorded in Nashville,” Christie says. “I had no music connections in LA, but fell in love with the artists and venues so I moved there as a leap of faith.” Channeling her drive into networking and building an artistic profile, she took every gig she could, often playing intimate acoustic gigs. Two years later, she now has a full band, a respected presence on the LA scene, and she’s gearing up to expand her reach through a rigorous schedule of southwest tours.

Roll The Dice represents a bold era for Christie. Her country-pop is edgier. Her album title conjures risks, but it also references the playful aspect of living. These are some of the two perspectives Christie explores on the 11-track album. On the song “Roll The Dice,” Christie snapshots a fantasy romance set in a sleek James Bond Las Vegas setting. The song sizzles with pent-up feelings and Christie’s seductively bold vocals.  Other album highlights include the searing but humorous “Country Breakup Song,” the delicately winsome pop ballad “Summer Love,” and the anthemic “Rock Star.” Christie elaborates: “Rock Star is about my dream to live the life and go on tour, and travel on buses and planes,” she confesses.

Christie is on the precipice of realizing those rock star dreams. Thinking back on her story, she says: “For me, this has been a big self-realization year. I’ve learned to embrace who I am, be the boss of my career, and I’ve realized everything you go through in life makes you stronger. Music is what I am supposed to be doing with my life, and I count my blessings I’m doing it.”


March 27, 2017
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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